8 Styles You Should Consider For Your Wedding Invitations

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From contemporary minimalist to a classic fairy-tale finish, engaged couples are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a specific style for their wedding invitations. Moreover, there are always new styles and genres emerging, meaning that the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity! If you’re struggling to find an option that you think works for you and your fiancé, do not fret! Check out this article which lists some of the most common styles for marriage cards.


Fairy-tale finish

If you want your marriage ceremony to be like a romantic fairy-tale, you should consider using wedding invitations that possess that fairy-tale finish. You’ll want the text to include phrases like “happily ever after”, while the visual elements might consist of silver/gold foiling backed up by soft, light tones.


Aesthetic watercolour

Using a watercolour aesthetic is a very popular option in Australia, especially for beach-lovers and those who love Australia’s rural bushland. It’s also a great option for artists. If you really like your art, this is a terrific way for you to make some of your own wedding invitations!


Period vintage

Vintage wedding invitations will often use archaic typefaces and a lot of sepia. If you really want your cards to embody that retro ambience, make sure you use cotton-fibre paper as opposed to more standard options. What makes the vintage genre so good is the fact that is can be applied across many different time periods. 1880s America? The roaring 20s? Whatever you want, you can get.


Rural rustic

If the aesthetic watercolour style isn’t enough and you want to go all out on the country theme, rustic wedding invitations are the way to go. Rustic elements generally rely on outdoor elements to create the required atmosphere, often using wood, leaves, twine and natural textures to take the reader back to countryside. The written text shouldn’t be too formal – make it somewhat colloquial even. Using brown recycled paper (a great environmental tip) can also add to that natural, earthy vibe you might be going for.


Metallic modern

If the rustic or old-school vibe doesn’t appeal to you, you should consider creating more contemporary, modern-style wedding invitations. Using bold metallic colours, interspersed with geometric shapes and marble print will go a long way in creating the desired effect.


Travel cards

If you are planning on having a destination ceremony in the Bahamas, the south of France or in the Maldives, you want your marriage cards to be like travel postcards. You could even style the cards like plane tickets or in the theme of the country where your marriage will take place.


Minimalist chic

If you’re not into all the fancy floral patterns or rich tones and textures, minimalist wedding invitations are probably your best bet. They are simple, stylish and ultimately, very effective, in the sense that they bring a subtle elegance that can’t be matched by other styles. Another advantage of this style is they don’t use a lot of ink or require special treatment, so printing costs are rather cheap.



At the end of the day, if none of the mentioned styles appeal to you, then simply customise your wedding invitations. Your cards should express your individuality, embodying the persona of both you and your fiancé. Pick a genre or theme that resonates with both of you. It could be music, travel, sports or the cinema. Whatever your choice might be, remember that personalised cards are a great and unique way to communicate the details of your ceremony to those you love.

So, thinking your marriage cards could do with a bit of reconsideration? Start today.