Make Money With A Free Blog: The Two Floors Of Monetization:

There are two great ways to monetize your website: by advertising, and by selling products or services. The second could bring you much more than the first, even if it requires a lot of effort.

The first way to monetize his blog: advertising.

You can either solicit advertisers live, or go through platforms for connecting advertisers and websites, or go through the Google Adsense system that allows Google to show on your site targeted ads.

If your site reaches a specific size, you will also be able to use advertising systems such as Taboola, Ligatus, or Outbrain, which display attractive advertising blocks at the bottom of the pages.

Automated systems such as Google Adsense will offer you a pay per click: on average 0.25$ of the click, very variable according to the period, the supply and the demand.

On the contrary, go through live advertisers could bring you up to $2 of the click.

Advertising is, however, increasingly a victim of the development of advertising blocking systems …

The second way to monetize your site: sell your own products and services.

Selling your own products or services can be very lucrative, but it is far from simple. It is a question of proposing a specific product/service corresponding precisely to what the user searches, thus adapted to the topic of the article concerned. This will only work for your most read and appreciated pages.

Examples of products for sale: e-books, telephone advice, document models, manufactured products …

You can also offer for sale the products or services of other companies, for example through the system of affiliation: you will earn a commission for each transaction, ranging from 5 to 30%.

Various ways to monetize your blog or make money with a free blog.

Here are some other ways to make money with your blog:

Sell sponsored articles: for this, you can register on platforms like Rocket link or Getfluence. In any case, you will receive spontaneous requests if your blog becomes very busy,

encourage people to donate,

offer paid reading articles,

offer a subscription to your analyzes or reports.

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